The AUC Formula

At The Unspoken Pitch, we discovered a communication formula that would apply to help one to close a deal.

It’s called the A-U-C triangle.

Affinity (A)

Understanding (U)

Communication (C)


Let me go through it.

(A) Affinity – Having great rapport, having a high likeness in with the person you are about to engage with.

We are living in a world where we need trust and this is more important than ever before.

That’s why people do businesses with referrals, trusted friends or colleagues.


(U) Understanding – Creating a crystal clear duplication.

Do you make it easy for people to understand what you do?

Do you allow people to have the closure and alignment of what you project is all about?

We called them tools, there are essentially your assets to getting people to understand what you do. Your presentations, your videos, your Infographic etc.

At the Unspoken Pitch, we have help distill understanding so you can help pitch or communicate your proposals.


(C) Communication – Yes this is the one that we all need.

It’s because of Communication, you are able  to get your contract

Communication is your tool for closing the deal

Your tool for engagement

Your survival to your life and your way of getting the life the way you like it to be.

Together you call this the

A U C Triangle.

Tune in more if for the next series of writing as we go through these components in detail.




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