The Proven 5-Step System To Generate 3, 5, 10, 15 Appointments With High Net-Worth Individuals Every Single Month On Demand & With Predictability

Are you a consultant or business owner struggling to find clients?

My name is Scott, I am the Founder of the Unspoken Pitch; clients typically turn to me because…

They are really good at what they do but do not know how to market themselves.

Have you been told to put together a YouTube channel / Snapchat / Get more Likes.

Have you been told to put together a system?
(Too Early)

Have you been told to write a book with no sales funnel?

Where do I begin??!?!?!

I totally get it. It is a noisy world out there.

I help bring clarity to your situation and show you a proven system that will help bring 10-15 leads a month

By using the power of Visual Education and the Premium Linkedin Appointment System


(100% confidential consultation)

I will:

Help bring clarity to your situation and show you a proven roadmap on how to market

What you should prioritize, so you can stop doing time wasting activities

Create an automated relationship based marketing system so you have long lasting relationships that refer you work

Listen for your Unspoken Pitch, so you can increase or add additional revenue streams of income

Identify the missing gaps in your system so you can operate at 110% and close more deals

Create clear statistics in your business and your marketing so you can see the return on investment and track what is working and what is not

How to take your ideas and bring them to life, so the your prospects actually know what you do and what you can a provide for them.

Don’t take my word…

Scott help bring me 3 leads in week 1 then additional 9 leads in week 3

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Phil V. Director at Brakten Consulting

Scott identified my missing gap in my business and as result help me bring clarity on revenue generating activities that works

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Anfernee C. Director at Simple Creative Marketing

Scott was an absolute gem - it took him no time to understand the essence of what we wanted and he was never afraid to contribute ideas even though he was not an expert in our field. He helped us articulate our vision in a delightful yet professional way

Paul R. Entrepreneur

The Unspoken Pitch helped me by getting an interesting and desirable message across to potential clients, put all my brand ideas into a concise package without fluff and bla-bla, and without going into too much detail.``

Ilona V. Director

Who is Scott Lee?


Founder of The Unspoken Pitch, Scott has built a career around informing, innovating, and presenting complex data with clarity; connecting customers with brands through visual storytelling. Taking the complex or boring and turning it into a visual format which communicates your message quickly.

Scott earned a degree in Architecture from the University of Technology in Sydney, after which he worked within the industry doubling down on the nuances behind the consumer psychology, communication, sales, and marketing.

Entering the business environment from an Architecture & Design background, it was clear that industry trade shows were filled with revolutionary ideas that fell short due to lackluster presentation.

Scott discovered a consistent gap between great ideas and delivering them to an audience.

In less than a decade, Scott has proven that effective and engaging visual multimedia storytelling can close the deal faster than you thought possible by helping brands communicate their message to their target marketing effectively.

Having partnered with high profile clients including McDonald’s, Ramsay, Veeva, and others, Scott’s initiative and love for design has lead to marketing assets generating millions of dollars in sales.

(100% confidential consultation)

Consultants need to know the truth!

There is a lot of noise out there, and find out what is really working and what is not.

Book your FREE consultation and find out how we can help bring your business to the next level!

Since working closely with Scott he helped me open another stream of income in business which increase my revenue by another 40%

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Sanjay S. Director at Visionary Digital

The Unspoken Pitch helped me by brainstorming our key solutions for our customers

Adam D. Director at Reech.TV