4 Key Concepts when Presenting to Executives

4 Key Concepts when Presenting to Executives

1. Get to the Point

Don’t waffle on – get to the point – discuss high-level findings, conclusions, recommendations and call to action. Once these keys elements are done – then share additional information you feel is important to the engagement

2. Set agendas + expectations

As a true professional – layout the agenda for the meeting and factor in Q&A time. It shows your understanding of an executive’s time.

3. Create executive summary slides

If you have a total of 50 points to discuss – devote 10% of your slides to summarizing and getting those points across. Consider using visuals to distill key concepts and get your point across, such as infographics, flowcharts or videos.

4. Practise & Rehearse

Run your slides by someone who has succeeded in getting ideas adopted at the executive level and who will serve as an honest coach. See if the ideas can be quickly communicated.

Ask yourself – Are your slides boil down to the key points?

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