5 Tips When Pitching your Story

Open from the Heart
– People like it when you share something that you actually care about.
– Share why you are doing what you do

Show your enthusiasm
– Show them, facially and through your body language, that you are working on something exciting, that you are going through blood sweat and tears on creating something!

Explain the Story
– Sometimes I hear people just rush through the explanation and not really explain the detail journey
– Explain it enough for others to see a picture of what you do in a 2 minutes
– If someone ask you what do. Tell them a story.
– Give them a reason to hear you out

Practise to Perfection
– Go infront of the mirror and just drill this over and over again
– Drill it to the point where it is in your DNA

Show Something
– If you have the opportunity to, why not showcase what it is that you do.
– If it is an app, a methodology, a case study SHOW IT
– I would do a screenshot > ‘favorite’ the image in my gallery
– People relate well with visuals.

There is an art and science to pitching. If you need help with your pitch. Reply with YES below.

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