Bringing Clarity to your Pitch

Do you feel you have a lot of ideas rattling in your head? And need someone to crystallise your ideas into a well structure pitch?

Here are some tips on bringing clarity to your pitch.

1. Write it out
– List out and brain dump all your thoughts on a sheet of paper.
– Pen and paper or on a simple word document.
– Do not stop writing
– Don’t try to edit any of it as well.
– Just until all your thoughts are emptied out

2. Go for a walk &/or get a coffee 😉
– You have released all your energy and thoughts from your head, take a break
– This break allows you to realise and reflect what was good and what was not

3. Revisit what you wrote
– Start cutting all the unnecessary elements
– Ask yourself these questions
“Do I really need this in the pitch?”
“Is this something they need to know?”
“How can I make it easier for them to understand?”

4. Structure your pitch v0.1
– Write it out as much as you can
– Your first version is going to have some bugs. Just realise this and understand you can come back to work on version 1.2

5. Get Feedback
– Go and test this new pitch and see how others response
– The success of this is not on you but on how others receive your pitch. So get feedback!

Let me know if you have any questions. Happy to help.

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