Communicate your Ideas Simply.

Communicate your Ideas Simply.

Nowadays, people are too busy to tolerate a wordy presentation.

Plan and rehearse your presentation thoroughly.

Know which points you can use to kick off your presentation, which points belong in the middle, and which ones to finish off with at the end.

No one is impressed when a salesperson uses too many words to describe a particular product.

It leaves everyone confused.

Have all the necessary information at your fingertips. Make sure that everyone attending the presentation can hear your voice and understand you and the service/product

After presenting your product or service, prepare to listen to the customers. Ask questions and take notes of your prospects so that you can know their needs:

· Show how exactly how your product solves their problems
· Respond to any queries or questions they may have about the product
· Use their responses to learn how to improve your product or service.

Customers are always right. Always speak to them in a professional and respectful manner. Use diplomatic and proactive means to keep the discussion from going off topic.

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