Engaging Presentation that Speaks to your Target Audience

Engaging Presentation that Speaks to your Target Audience

Whether you are presenting to investors, partners or prospects

A good understanding of who your audience members are and what they want out of the meeting will go a long way. Who is going to be there? Why are they there? How can the message be tailored to their unique needs and interests?

If you are making the presentation/video for an investor, understand what kind of information they are interested in, what they want to know, and what their values and interests are. Your presentation should be informed by these things.

A group of sales executives may not be excited by the same video that would excite a group of medical researchers. Use the kinds of stories, vocabulary, and visuals that appeal to your specific audience.

Some people will respond better to formal language while others will require informal language.

Your pitch assets should anticipate their concerns and any objections they may raise.

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