Presentation Tips for Getting People to Actually Become Persuaded


Presentation Tips for Getting People to Actually Become Persuaded

In his Ted Talk about ‘Why Good Leaders Make You Feel Safe,’ Simon Sinek demonstrates a presentation tip. He tells a story about a hero. A man who was willing to sacrifice everything for his teammates.

He then explores how leaders can create an environment that causes employees to trust and cooperate with each other.

Here are three elements to a persuasive presentation:


It feels empowering to be on a platform addressing people. But when you look at it in a different way, it becomes apparent that the listeners have the power.

They can choose to accept your idea – and tell other people about it. Or they can choose to reject it completely.


Because they have this power, you have to present your idea in a way that speaks convincingly to them – to what they desire.

This means that for your presentation must be informed by a proper understanding of your audience and the things that are important to them.


For your presentation to become memorable, you have to give the people some special and useful insight. Something so good that it is worth telling other people about.

Share with them new and better tools for achieving their objective.

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