Summarising Information and Presenting Visually

Summarising Information and Presenting Visually –

The 3S Framework
1. Select – The most important information
2. Split – up the information into logical parts
3. Sequence – the part to tell a compelling story

Today we will be going through the “Select” phase.In order for this to work effective you must be prepared mentally…

– If you only have 3 minutes what are the golden nuggets you would like to communicate?
– Put yourself in the viewers shoes – What would be beneficial to them
– Imagine the viewer has 20 other proposals / presentations / opportunities to review. How would you like to stand out?

When reviewing your digital assets ask yourself the following questions.

1. What are the key points that are essential in these pitch materials?
– ie: If you have ONE idea per slide or per section what would that be?

2. Circle or Bold those key points

3. Review the other content (Not highlighted) and see what you can remove to help simplify the key points from point 1
– ie: Cross them out

4. Go for a walk 15-30minutes and review the information from a new unit of time.
– This allows you to reflect and see it once again.

If done well, you should feel lighter and clearer.
Tune in for next week’s post on the “Split” phase.

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