Begin A New Path Knowing Where You Want to End Up

Begin A New Path Knowing Where You Want to End Up

It’s one thing to take on a new journey, but another to understand what for rather than just why.

To truly be effective, you have to start somewhere with the mindset of knowing where you are going to stop.

Having a clear picture of where you want to be is one way to keep your focus on your goals without worrying about losing your way.

This isn’t uncommon advice. In fact, a lot of people would probably tell you this already.

But what most people fail to realize is that those who lose their way tend to make big mistakes because they lose sight of what they’re aiming for.

A good exercise for this, which was recommended by Covey, is to write your mission statement.
Clearly state your values, goals, and aims.

This way, you can navigate your way through obstacles and conflicts that unexpectedly come up by truly knowing what is most important to you.

What can you do to continue walking the right path to your goal?

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