Knowing What to Put First



Knowing What to Put First

The next habit is to have a clear view of what to prioritize that is sure to bring us long-term results.

Covey categorizes all daily activities into four “quadrants” to further explain what this means, namely:

– Quadrant 1 refers to activities that need our responses as soon as possible.

– Quadrant 2 refers to non-urgent important activities including long-term projects that, although not very important right now, can produce valuable results later.

– Quadrant 3 refers to urgent nonimportant activities that cause us to respond but are not so important that we should prioritize them.

– Quadrant 4 refers to non-urgent nonimportant activities where we can take our time.

Building relationships is an important activity under Quadrant 2.

Proper partnerships and relationships with other people will save you from miscommunications.

If these relationships are neglected, trust goes down and therefore brings up possibly major conflicts.

To avoid this, we should continuously keep the relationships we have with others healthy -which is why it is an activity to prioritize.

How do you keep your priorities on the right track?

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