How to Start your Engine and Build Momentum


A very interesting topic that I have always look into is how to get the ball rolling

How to build the motivation to get the things started

How to debug the system.

A mentor shared the power of just sharing

Action Cures Everything.

I think that definitely applies. Something I can see is the idea of just warming up your system.

ie: When you just start and warm up the car you will be able to move forward well.

When you just do that little star jump you can kickstart your body to want to do more.

When you talk to the Check out person, you are essentially warming up your mouth to talk in work.

When you start just writing anything on a piece of paper the brain is reminded of what to do.

Taking action in life doesn’t have to be this hard. But just a matter of starting your engine.

Sometimes it is just a direction moving forward.



Photo by Luca Bravo on Unsplash