How to Structure an Effective Presentation

The structure for creating an effective presentation is very fun and easy for anyone to do.

The way it is formatted makes a massive difference to capturing your audience’s attention and keeping them engaged.

I’ve been working with many multinational companies such as AMP, Westpac and University of Sydney on their pitch presentation and how they could restructure their presentation to make it the most engaging and powerful pitch ever.

Begin with a high.

This means to start off with a bang!

Tell people about your big vision or big claim!

Tell them something that will shock them.

Tell them something that would touch them.

Tell them something that would excite them.

More importantly, share your WHY.

Then get into the details of HOW it works, discuss the process and the inner workings and mechanics of how the product or service works.

But then add another high moment. Add some detail that has your audience coming back for more. Get them amped up for what is come next and keep them in suspense.

Keep doing this throughout the presentation for maximum effect.

Break up the presentation by showing engaging infographics or video which will intrigue the viewer.

To keep things even more engaging, pause during the presentation and ask questions and seek understanding. This is sure to have them thinking deeply about what you are saying.

When you end your presentation, end on a good note!

Finish with a positive note that leaves the viewer excited to move forward with you.

Or make them see an opportunity to rise to the occasion and have you be their chosen one!

The one that could make a massive difference.

The one that could enhance their business with your latest and greatest tool.

How do you craft your presentation at the moment? Share your comments below.


Photo by Mahdiar Mahmoodi on Unsplash