Capture People’s Attention Through Specific Cues – Part 3



Capture People’s Attention Through Specific Cues – Part 3

The last cue that captures attention is something new or different.

People are naturally interested in things that are uncommon or new to them.

Say, you were to hear rustling in the trash bin.

You would think of getting up to check what is rustling around your trash since it’s not something that you hear every day.

Each time a part of our regular patterns gets disrupted, our attention goes towards what it is that is breaking this routine.

Our curiosity is tapped with encounters that are new to us.

Another example is with performers such as flash mobs.

Picture a regular day of work, when someone suddenly breaks into a dance in the middle of the street.

People stop what they’re doing and pay attention to the performers because it’s something unusual to them.

In what ways can you use this cue when grabbing attention?

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