Don’t head over to PowerPoint yet, brainstorm first.

Don’t head over to PowerPoint yet, brainstorm first.

The best tools for brainstorming are paper, sticky notes, and whiteboards, which are tactile.

Your first brainstorming session should be alone, without other people to influence your thinking.

Doing your brainstorming alone has several advantages.

The most important one being that you will be more creative alone than when you are with other people.

It has been well documented that people who participate in group discussions will tend to come up with similar ideas because they influence each other.

Start with a review of the content that already exists on that topic. Look at news articles, reports, studies, presentations, surveys, and anything relevant to your big idea.

Find a way to build on the existing content.

Some questions to ask yourself.

– How can you look at the same information from a different angle?
– What new insights can you draw from the information?

Try it out yourself and let me know how it goes.

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