Narrow down to the most Impactful messages



Narrow down to the most Impactful messages

Coming up with the content for your presentation is not that difficult.

The harder part is narrowing down your presentation to the most impactful messages.

Trim away all the parts of the message that are not as impactful.

It is this trimming that makes the difference between good and great.

Not all of your awesome ideas can fit into your presentation, and you are going to have to make some hard decisions.

You started off with brainstorming sessions and now you are going to be doing the antithesis of brainstorming.

Instead of connecting and sorting through ideas, you will be making choices.

Choosing what ideas will remain in your presentation will not be as hard as it may seem.

Remember your Big Idea that you started with?

That will be your guide in making the big trim.

Every part of your presentation has to support the Big Idea.

That is how you get your audience to implement your idea.

At the Unspoken Pitch, this is what we do, trimming and sorting through your ideas to find your ideas that will create an impact! Send me a message today if you need help.

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