Gain Trust By Linking Yourself to Those They Trust



Gain Trust By Linking Yourself to Those They Trust

It’s very useful to have people trust you for them to associate with either you or your business.

Trust comes with a lot of positive feelings.

If people feel it’s safe to form a relationship with you, they are likely to believe in you and your insights.

On the other hand, they would end up avoiding you if they associate you with dishonesty.

Cialdini found a home alarm salesman who had to come into people’s homes if they were interested in installing a home alarm system.

With every client, the salesman would pretend to forget something in his car.

He explained the reason for this was to make sure the families associated him with trust.

This is because you would only really let someone in and out of your home if you truly trusted them.

The idea is that he didn’t ask his clients to trust him.

Instead, he made the families he encountered treat him like someone they already trusted.

Associating yourself with trust through simple ways like this gives people the idea that they can feel safe around you, even without having to say it to them out loud.

How can you make people feel they can trust you?

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