Keep Out for Unwanted Mental Connections


Keep Out for Unwanted Mental Connections

It’s good to know how people make brand associations through these secret mental connections.

But it’s also important to keep ourselves wary of what to avoid.

Not every connection is going to leave a good impression.

Especially when it’s linked to something that could only bring negative events or so.

Cialdini talks about the time he consulted an award-winning hospital that had strict rules on the language used within the hospital.

To most people, this might not mean much other than a minor rule they choose to have.

But to the hospital, they never use language associated with violence because they aim to promote healing.

A little change in the words you use could make a different impact on the person listening.

The same applies to images and the like as well.

For example: to motivate someone, present them with videos of winning rather than that of losing.

You might think showing images of losing will get them to rethink their decisions, but this is associated with giving up.

On the other hand, images of winning are associated with making an effort -which then leaves a positive impact on the audience.

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