Leave Your Audience with an Open Ending

Leave Your Audience with an Open Ending

When we encounter a mystery or an unfinished story, it sticks with us.

Until we find out the answer, we stay focused because we are curious to know.

This is called the “Zeirgarnik Effect”.

TV series do this to keep people at the edge of their seats at the end of each episode.

Imagine a scene where a son is about to run into the long-lost sister he’s been searching for the whole time.

Right before he opens the door, the scene gets cut!

With cliffhangers like this, people would stay tuned for the next episode.

We are bothered when we know something unfinished because of our strong desire for closure.

When we get the answer sooner, we are quick to move on from it.

Public speakers use a technique where they start off with a story and leave It right before it ends to keep the audience waiting for the ending.

They usually keep the ending to themselves until the very end of the presentation.

This gets people to listen closely from start to end.

How can you apply this when speaking to an audience?

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