Share Something in Common with Your Audience

Share Something in Common with Your Audience

Being united with your audience can affect the way they take in your words.

You are more likely to influence people when they feel you understand their situations.

When people see there is something that connects you with them, your opinion starts to gain value.

Through similarities, it makes them feel they can get comfortable around you.

An audience first sees a public speaker as a higher figure, especially when it’s someone who is rather known for big achievements.

To make the audience feel comfortable, the speaker expresses in a way that makes the listeners remember they are on the same ground.

People are, naturally, more willing to give in to someone with who they have a connection.

Even when you know a lot of people, you are likely to share money with someone you fully trust or have made a personal connection with.

This is similar to sharing a common interest with your audience.

It gets them to think that you are looking to give them good advice because you go through the same struggles as they do.

As a result, they are less likely to argue with your ideas.

How do you keep unified with your audience?

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