Listening to Truly Understand Messages – Part 2


Listening to Truly Understand Messages – Part 2

Covey says: in order to influence, you first have to take the chance to be influenced.

An example of this is a strategy commonly done by salespeople.

A good salesperson would take the time to understand what the customer needs to satisfy their concerns rather than jumping into the fire with the wrong assumption.

One way to start is to reflect back on what others tell you.

Interpretation of expressions shows whether or not you are truly paying attention to someone.

It determines how much of them you have truly understood.

For example, a friend of yours is speaking in a rather careless and harsh tone.

You have two ways to go about it.

If you tell them they are being rude, you are making a comment that implicates advice.

However, if you say they seem to be having a rough day, then you are looking further into what they are trying to communicate rather than focusing on the words themselves.

How do you show understanding through communication?

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