Maintaining Commitment and Consistency – Part 2



Maintaining Commitment and Consistency – Part 2

The principle of consistency is used in various ways, both consciously and unintentionally.

An example is in weight loss clinics.

To get clients to solidly commit to their goals, they are asked to share their goals in public -which gets their clients to stick to diets when willpower isn’t enough.

The same happens with door-to-door sales.

When you agree to a sale offered to you directly, you are likely going to do the same next time.

For the salesperson, this is a chance to build trust with the customer -which then makes it beneficial.

Because another person is aware of the acceptance, it puts pressure on the customer to keep it consistent when it happens again.

As a result, they accept future agreements all because they agreed to the first one!

How can you apply consistency when making a commitment?

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