Following the Same Path: Social Proof



Following the Same Path: Social Proof

We tend to follow along with the path that we see most people are taking because our minds assume it is something correct.

Although we can have our own opinions, we can still be easily swayed by what others choose.

This opens room for our decisions to become hijacked and possibly even biased.

A common example that displays the principle of social proof is a testimony.

Think of a product that has 10 good reviews and the same product with three times the number of good reviews.

You are likely to lean towards the product with more positive reviews because that testifies the reliability of the product.

This is why there are fake online reviews, which are rather hard to identify amidst other real ones.

Another, which regularly occurs, happens with tip jars.

At the start of the day, employees would put a few bills or change in the tip jar to give entering customers the idea that people normally tip them.

Through this, the decision-making gets influenced because of where more people are looking towards.

How can you make social proof useful in influencing?

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