Make Agreements Good for Everyone’s Benefit – Part 2



Make Agreements Good for Everyone’s Benefit – Part 2

The following are alternatives that make it clear as to why win/win thinking is most preferable:

– Win/Lose thinking is the idea of going above the other person involved in a deal.

Often, this is seen when there are limited resources wherein people are looking to gain the most benefits.

– Lose/Win thinking refers to the mindset of giving up our wants to please the other party.

While this can lessen conflict, it could yield negative results due to emotional suppression.

– Win thinking is when you disregard the other party’s side and focus only on your benefits.

To change our thinking, we need to shit the way we see the world by following a certain path.

– Dependence causes us to look towards others’ opinions to feel a sense of approval.

– Independence, although defined as important and allows us to improve, can cause relationships to fall apart in the long run -which is especially undesirable in a business perspective.

– Interdependence is where we rely on others but are not exactly dependent on them -which helps in achieving win/win agreements.

What can you do to arrive at a win/win situation?