Open Your Doors Instead of Waiting for Them – Part 1



Open Your Doors Instead of Waiting for Them – Part 1

Taking responsibility for the changes that happen in our life instead of merely waiting for situations to turn around in our favor produces effective results.

Covey explains this as the first habit, which is being proactive.

The first step to this change is accepting the idea that we have control over what happens around us.

There are instances where we would need to take the first step if we want a certain outcome.

It’s not always that we have to wait for everything to come our way -and that is an idea we need to grasp and understand further.

We can successfully live proactively through the following:

– Living by certain values and rules of behavior instead of making decisions impulsively.

– Focusing on the areas that we know we can change about ourselves.

– Worrying less over what we cannot control.

What steps do you take to live proactively?

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