Let’s talk about pitching.

I recently had an epiphany and realized that I need to make sure I am helping people with their own pitches.

Pitching doesn’t have to just be a tool to sell a product, brand or idea, it can be about anything in life!

My goal is to connect with brands and consumers and work with them to develop a selection of great ideas for putting a pitch together.

A website where people can learn to pitch!

After thinking about pitching, I have realised that there are a variety of different elements that all work together to create the perfect pitch, including:

– The professional styling of the pitch

– The questions that the pitch asks readers, or the questions that it answers for

– The pitch strategy and how it sells the overall idea

– The mental game plan when moving forward

To pitch is to essentially sell something in life, whether it is a brand, a business, a person, an event or activity, it is all about selling.

To be good at pitching, one requires the tools to be able to position the pitch in the correct places, and to write the pitch in a way that ensures it will be successful!

The game-plan for The Unspoken Pitch is to share the insights of successful people that no how to pitch, and do it well!

This may come in the form of podcasts, YouTube videos, or specialised courses and workshops with industry professionals who can give you all the tools you need to deliver the perfect pitch.

At the Unspoken Pitch, we will provide you with world class tools and world-class knowledge to help you close that deal or idea.

The team have worked hours and hours, and we are now at the point where we are excited to work with you and help you realise your potential within your market or industry!

We look forward to working with you and starting a journey that will bring success.

May today February 1st, 2018 be the day that everything changes.

Up Up and Beyond!