Presenting to Senior Executives: What to Take Note Of



Presenting to Senior Executives: What to Take Note Of

One of the biggest challenges in presenting is having to do so in front of senior executives.

To start, they normally don’t have a lot of time on their hands

However, the way senior executives make their decisions is what sets them apart.

A long talk isn’t going to cut for most of the time.

They would rather listen to a quick and easy presentation that gives them just the right information they need to hear.

They tend to find ways to make the decision-making quick and efficient, which is why being straightforward would be more favorable to them during your presentation.

A few things to take note of are:
– Get to the important points with the limits that you have without having to risk the clarity and accuracy of your statements.
– Stay on track. They are likely to have invited you for a presentation for a reason. All you have to do is give that to them.
– Everything you discuss doesn’t need to be written. In fact, your slides should only give them a general overview of each point.

What preparations do you make when presenting in front of senior executives?

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