Supporting the Idea: Strengthening Your Plan with Content

Supporting the Idea: Strengthening Your Plan with Content

After presenting your idea, and gathering the attention in the room…

it’s time to talk about the content.

Once you have piqued your audience’s interest,

you need to keep them interested.

If you’re thinking of putting up your slide presentation, don’t do it yet.

In order to get them thinking more, you need to generate and present them with as many ideas as possible through the use of different environments.

The goal is to make them see realizations that support your idea without you having to point it out for them.

You can do this by:

1. Gathering content that is already existing
– whether it’s studies, reports, news articles, and other claims that have been made relevant to the message.

2. Leading them to think about the situation from a different angle
– challenge them by making them see what you saw, and guide them to make the connection.

3. Experiment with new things
– use your curiosity to its maximum and don’t be afraid to take risks.

Once your audience gets a grasp of your idea, they would then think about what they can do to get this done.

What do you do to support your ideas and claims?

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