Take Your Time to Sharpen the Saw – Part 2




Take Your Time to Sharpen the Saw – Part 2

Covey explains that we need to find the balance between production and production capacity.

Taking breaks here and there isn’t an indication of time being wasted.

In fact, it might increase our ability to produce better results.

Think of two cooks.

One spends 30 minutes cutting up ingredients with a dull knife.

The other spends about 10 minutes sharpening his knife and finishes cutting up the ingredients within 10 minutes.

Just because we are moving constantly doesn’t mean we are being more productive.

Here are a few ways to increase our production capacity:

– Maintaining physical health through proper relaxation and rest.

– Taking time off to enjoy our personal hobbies and giving our minds a break.

– Challenging ourselves by doing leisure activities that keep our brains going rather than staying idle.

What can you do to improve your production capacity?

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