Reciprocity and How It Affects Our Actions – Part 1


Reciprocity and How It Affects Our Actions – Part 1

Normally, we tend to feel the urge to return favors or gifts from others.

This is what we call “reciprocity” -which is the first major principle of influence according to Cialdini.

When talking about culture, it is moral to give back to those who give to us.

At times where people fail to do this, their actions would be taken negatively. This is because we naturally feel obligated to give back.

It is much like a natural response for us to give back favors to others without having to say so directly.

For example, business employees give potential customers free samples -which often leads to the customer who received it to buy the product.

Another example is with charities and other organizations, wherein they give small gifts to those who send in donations.

Despite the gifts being unrelated, it helps people feel accomplished therefore increasing responses.

How do you apply reciprocity when interacting with others?

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