What’s Your Big Idea

What’s your Big Idea?

If you could summarize your message into a single sentence or paragraph, what would it say?

You might have lots of things to say, but there is that big idea that underlies everything.

That one thing that you want them to remember even if they forget everything else.

This is the message that you hope will compel your audience to make some changes in their lives.

There are two parts of your Big Idea.

The first is your point of view, which is your perspective on the topic.
It should not be a general subject like ‘Video Advertising.’ A better topic is ‘How Video Marketing Improves your Advertising ROI.’

The second part of your Big Idea covers the ‘So What?’ question.
It tells them why they should care, or why your presentation is relevant to their interests.

They can recognize why they should take part in the change you are seeking instead of staying the way they are.

State your Big Idea in one sentence, if possible – with a subject and a verb.

Is your message consistent? If not let’s talk and see how we can bring that consistency in place.

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