Attention is Limited, Use it Wisely – Part 1

Attention is Limited, Use it Wisely – Part 1

Because we have limited attention, we often ignore everything around us when we are focused on a single thing.

This idea allows asking questions a powerful way to get people to agree to requests.

Convincing people to think otherwise through arguments is a rather tedious job, since they are focused on something else.

Changing the direction of someone’s mind is much easier when they are paying attention.

While we can do multiple tasks at once, we only really focus on one thing at a time.

A technique called “shifting the ground” is often used by Donald Trump.

When he is faced with difficult questions, he tackles them by smoothly directing his answer to positive outcomes.

Through this, he is able to shift the attention of the listeners and make them believe it makes sense since they are no longer focused on the purpose of the question.

How do these techniques help you in persuasion?

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