More Attention Increases Importance – Part 2



More Attention Increases Importance – Part 2

The importance doesn’t only increase with public attention, but rather in the way we focus on certain things.

An example of this is how we would assume having a disability would cause us to feel miserable.

However, based on studies, most people with disabilities don’t necessarily think this way.

This is because they don’t often think of their disability.

Rather, they pay more attention to other things such as hobbies, work, and the like.

Because we pay more attention to the downside, it causes us to overestimate the idea.

But in reality, it isn’t as bad as we assume it to be.

This proves that the more attention we put onto something, the more we are likely to see it as something important.

From these, we can say that capturing people’s attention is an important aspect if you’re looking to persuade them and change their perspectives.

How can you use this to influence your audience?

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