Capture People’s Attention Through Specific Cues – Part 1



Capture People’s Attention Through Specific Cues – Part 1

From various observations, people pay close attention when an event involves the cues: sex, danger, or something new.

These cues help grab attention because people are already generally interested in, to begin with.

The first cue is “sex”.

This is something that works with our daily lives particularly with dating and the like.

Because people understand it, they get interested when this is involved.

Models and artists who are by the majority are often seen in advertising because it causes people to look.

This also applies to related objects used in attracting others such as clothing, perfumes, cars, and the like.

Although they aren’t directly involved, people put their focus on these objects because it can help in increasing attraction.

How do you make use of this cue to grab attention?

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