Cut to the Chase – Get to the Point




Cut to the Chase – Get to the Point

Segmenting your audience is all well and good, but to really connect with them, you need to go a little deeper.

Find out about the things they like, what they do on a typical day, and what they are hoping to gain from your meeting.

Some people might be at the meeting only because their boss wants them there.

Try to find out what they are most afraid of and empathize.

Demonstrate how your idea will improve their lives or solve their problems.

Promote benefits that they actually care about.

Finish with a clear Call to Action, which is a course of action that you expect them to take.

As you prepare your Call to Action, anticipate the common objections or concerns that your audience might have.

Think about how you deliver your message.

Your delivery should be designed to make it easy for them to receive the information.

Think about details like whether to give them reading materials before the presentation or after.

Plan your anecdotes, audiovisual tools, and everything else

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