Remember Who Has the Power



Remember Who Has the Power

When you are making a speech, you might feel like the most powerful person in the room.

But you are not the one holding the power. The most powerful people in the room are sitting in the audience, listening.

The people you are talking to will decide whether they want to embrace your idea or reject it. If they reject your idea, it will not spread beyond that room. If they embrace it, then your idea spreads to other people.

Make your presentation relevant to their needs as well as yours because you need their buy-in.

Trying to fit everything you want to say into a presentation is difficult enough. You have to do it in a way that appeals to their self-interest.

So while you should stay true to your message, you can achieve better results by showing how your idea serves their interests.

To do this, you need a proper understanding of their organization. Understand the challenges they face, and why their support matters to both your cause and theirs.

The bottom line is this: people are more interested in what they want. What you want is secondary.

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