Familiarity and Liking in Making Decisions – Part 1



Familiarity and Liking in Making Decisions – Part 1

Having the feeling of familiarity or liking can greatly affect how we decide in certain ways.

The more familiar we are with someone, the more trust them.

If we have a liking towards the person, it makes the decision even more likely to be positive.

When we associate a person or brand with positive things, we tend to respond to them positively back.

In business, this is rather evident.

Imagine a salesperson you had only first met and a longtime friend offering to sell you the same product.

Saying no to the salesperson is much easier than if you were to say it to your friend.

In fact, you might say yes to your longtime friend because you have more trust in them.

Based on various observations, there are instances where people buy more or consistently from the people they trust or are personally close to.

This is to show their support but also to express that they trust them enough to do so despite the friend being new to business.

How can familiarity and liking help you with decisions?

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