Following Based on Authority


Following Based on Authority

When we make our decisions, we usually follow those who appear to be the authority around us.

This happens especially when the authority present is generally recognized as one.

Our response to people of higher positions is almost like an automatic reply from our brain.

We identify who these people are is often based of certain aspects such as through:

– Certain uniforms are associated with certain authority positions.

– There are certain titles that indicate how high of an authority a professional is.

The titles also guide people in determining who they should rely on in certain cases.

– With each case, hierarchy can change depending on the specialization involved.

Say, a doctor would have higher authority than a teacher when facing a patient with a cold.

While this helps, it could also cause a bias in the way we come up with a response.

This can be used to persuade someone into following through with a certain request, especially when they recognize that you are a potentially higher authority than them.

How does authority and hierarchy affect the regular decisions you make?

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