Increasing Desires with Scarcity



Increasing Desires with Scarcity

The last principle is, according to Cialdini, scarcity.

This is defined as desiring and valuing things more when they are less available to us.

It explains why there are cases where products are put up for auction, particularly when they are limited-time items or vintage.

We get attracted to something scarce because we see it as a rare opportunity that isn’t worth missing out on.

As a result, what is scarce gets over-valued in various forms.

Common scarcity techniques include the following:

– Selling products for a limited amount gives people the idea that the item is exclusive.

– People get motivated to visit stores and make purchases when they hear products are out for a limited time only.

– Having a product up for auction makes it open for competition.

In these situations, people tend to spend much more than they initially plan to get a hold of the rare item.

In what ways does scarcity affect your decision-making?

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