Influence People Through Secret Mental Connections




Influence People Through Secret Mental Connections

The thoughts we have are all linked to something else.

By understanding how this works, you can successfully influence people without having to directly change their minds.

Companies take advantage of this through their branding.

They take something unique enough to make people remember them when they come across it.

For example: what would you first think of when you see Gucci? You would likely think of luxury.

This is because we associate the brand with rich people, and see it as something fancier than average.

Branding focuses on making connections with the brand itself and positive feelings from the consumer.

Advertisers take attractive elements and put them together in a single picture while only simultaneously presenting the product.

This causes us to make mental associations based on what we can see around the product.

An example is when we see an ad with upbeat music, excited faces, and a lot of red. We know it’s a Coca-Cola ad.

Our brain puts together the constant elements that appear with a brand so the next time it comes up, we know exactly what it is.

What can you do to create mental connections to influence?

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