Make Use of Reasoning Before Start Persuading – Part 2



Make Use of Reasoning Before Start Persuading – Part 2

A situation that explains the process of pre-suasion is a strategy known as “price anchoring”.

In this case, you would first bring up a price higher than your offer.

That way, when they find your price is lower than what you first mentioned, they are compelled to believe it’s a good cost.

This strategy lets you take advantage of the other party’s ability to make comparisons.

As a result, they lean more towards your offer.

Let’s say you were to promote a new product.

You tell the customers that the cost would be about a thousand even when the actual price is lower.

By the time people find the cost is lower than that, they would feel as though it’s much cheaper compared to what you first made them expect.

Regardless of how big or small the difference is, the customer could think the lower-priced one is much more reasonable compared to the higher-priced ones you first showed them.

How does the “price anchoring” strategy help you?

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