More Attention Increases Importance – Part 1



More Attention Increases Importance – Part 1

When we pay attention to a specific task or idea, we tend to overestimate its importance.

A common example that presents the use of this is with the media.

They often make use of this to influence the public by directing their attention to other issues.

Experts believe the media usually fails at changing people’s minds with the use of facts and evidence.

However, they can shift people’s ideas by putting more attention towards a certain issue more than the other.

That allows the media to control what they are talking about indirectly.

The idea of doing this is to make people think other topics are more important because it is getting more attention.

We naturally try to figure out why something is getting a lot of the spotlight and end up viewing it as something of importance.

How can you apply this when you are in front of others?

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