The Impact of Death by PowerPoint

Presentations are quite interesting.

We all know death by powerpoint. We all hate it.

If you have something to say why not create it worthy for others to see.

We live in a such a busy world we need something that people can easier understand what you are all about or trying to explain.

Did you know more than 30 million presentations are created everyday, what makes your presentation stand out?

At the Unspoken PItch, we often work with clients who are in constant challenge of getting their point across in the most effective way.

Whether it is a Sales Presentation for all busy CEO, how can you cut through the point and let them know that you are good at what you do?

How can you differentiate yourself? How can you stand out and be understood in the most effective way moving forward.

Here are some shocking realizations on the impact of death by PowerPoint:

1. People know that you did this presentation last minute.

2. Your presentation lack in professionalism and it is in fact wasting their time.

3. It is hard for others to understand what you are trying to explain.

4. You are asking for a million dollars and you have a presentation that looks like it did not take long to create, what does it say about your company?

5. Your presentation is a reflection of who you are

Invest in a good quality presentation, your audience or clients took their time out of their busy schedule to come and see you. Their time is precise and if you want to get your point across, wow them!

Here are some action points to consider in your next presentation:

1. Think how can I get to the point instead of dumping information on a slide? (Consider the questions are an opportunity to have a Q & A Session)

2. Do you really need to add that into the slide? Is this something you could talk about instead?

3. How can you create a story within each information? Could you add some case studies? Stories add impact, depth and power.

4. Have no more than 3-4 points on each Slide

5. Can you use simple easy words rather than technical words?

It has been proven by if you use a bunch of technical words in a room for a pitch, it could put them to sleep.

Go and stand out from the crowd because life is too short for crappy presentations.

Hope you enjoyed reading!




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